Quantum Dot Fluorescence

The high quantum yield of quantum dots results in fluorescence exponentially brighter than organic dyes

CQT’s patented MultiDot and MagDot products have multiple QDs encapsulated within the coating, which makes them brighter than commercial QDs consisting of only a single QD.

Brighter fluorescence leads to better diagnostic capability, but that is just the beginning of the benefits unlocked unlocked by our quantum dot reagents.

Not only are quantum dots much brighter, their emission spectra are much tighter which reduces spectral overlap and improves diagnostic certainty and eliminates laborious flow cytometry compensation. Even better – only needing one laser for the excitation of all colors means you spend less time setting up and more time analyzing. 

Maximize Your Workflow Efficiency

Pairing the stable fluorescence and magnetic separation capabilities of our dual-use quantum dot reagent, the MagDot, allows you to capitalize on multiple efficiencies and streamline research workflows.

How would a brighter reagent benefit your research?