Magnetic and Fluorescent Quantum Dots for Biomedical Applications

Our polymer-protected nanoparticles unlock the potential of quantum dots for life science researchers using flow cytometry, fluorescence microscopy, and magnetic separation.

The bright fluorescence of quantum dots combined with the stability provided by our polymer protection makes our MagDots and MultiDots able to be used across platforms such as bioimaging and flow cytometry.

If your research relies on flow cytometry and magnetic separation, our dual-use reagents offer you faster, and more accurate results.

Seamlessly integrate quantum dots into your research

Flow Cytometry

Fluorescent and magnetic quantum dot reagents save you time before and after flow cytometry analysis through bulk magnetic enrichment in 20 minutes or less and multicolor flow cytometry.

Fluorescence Microscopy

Brighter and more stable reagents give you greater resolution and multiple color excitation with one laser meaning you spend less time setting up and more time analyzing.

Magnetic Separation

SPIONs encapsulated in our patented coating magnetize our MagDots and enable the efficient separation of cells of interest through positive or negative selection and immediate fluorescent analysis.

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