Quantum Dots for Magnetic Cell Separation

Magnetic quantum dot reagents efficiently isolate your cells of interest.

Through funding by the National Science Foundation, we developed our magnetic quantum dot nanoparticles, known as the MagDot, by surrounding both quantum dots and SPIONs with our patented polymer coating. When MagDots are conjugated to an antibody, they enable binding and magnetic separation of your targeted cells.

Streamline your workflow with bulk magnetic separation in 20 minutes or less that unmistakably labels targeted cells for immediate flow cytometry or fluorescence micropscopy analysis without the need of an additional fluorescent reagent. 


Magnetic and Fluorescent Reagents at Last

Combining efficient magnetic separation with bright, multicolor fluorescence in one reagent streamlines traditional workflows so you can spend more time focusing on what matters.

How much time would a magnetic and fluorescent reagent save you?