The promise of quantum dots
realized for your research

Our polymer-protected nanoparticles empower discovery by providing both fluorescent-only and dual-use magnetic and fluorescent reagents for probe interrogation and cell separation.

Core Quantum Technologies has overcome the historic limitations of quantum dots to give pioneering scientists the opportunity to switch from fluorescent dyes to polymer-protected quantum dots that are stable enough to withstand the rigors of the lab, and bright enough to illuminate new discoveries.

In addition to our fluorescent-only quantum dots, we have a dual purpose reagent that combines fluorescence and magnetism in one nanoparticle.

MagDots & MultiDots

Brighter than traditional fluorescent reagents

Only one laser needed for multiple color excitation

Stable in aqueous solutions – no photobleaching

Able to use MagDots for bulk magnetic separation prior to immediate fluorescent analysis

Seamless integration into instruments and protocols


Magnetic separation and fluorescent label in one dual-use reagent.

MagDots consist of fluorescent quantum dots and superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs) encapsulated in our patented coating that can be conjugated to antibodies. MagDots magnetically collect cells expressing a selected biomarker, permitting users to immediately analyze fluorescence via flow cytometry or fluorescence microscopy.


Stable fluorescent probe interrogation able to use one laser for multiple colors.

The MultiDot consists of several quantum dots within our patented coating. The MultiDot thus has increased sensitivity, a tighter emission spectrum than current fluorescent reagents, reducing spectral overlap and eliminating complex spectral compensation. In addition, because all MultiDots can be excited with a single laser, analysis is less complex and faster.

Our Technology

Core Quantum’s patented polymer coating stabilizes quantum dots in aqueous environments finally unlocking the potential of quantum dots.


Compared to traditional quantum dots, MagDots and MultiDots are more resistant to photodegradation and oxidation.


Our products are brighter than traditional organic dyes and retain fluorescence in aqueous solutions post conjugation unlike traditional quantum dots.


We have products already conjugated to antibodies and do it yourself conjugation kits with all the necessary reagents and protocols to conjugate your own antibodies.

Research Applications

Our research use only products are designed for inquiring minds. MagDots and MultiDots seamlessly integrate into your current instruments and protocols by taking the place of organic dyes such as Cy® Dyes and FITC.

Flow Cytometry

Use of one laser to excite all colors and tighter emission spectra reduce the need for complex spectral compensation.

Fluorescence Microscopy

See cells of interest brighter than ever with antibody conjugated MultiDots and MagDots. The stability of our nanoparticles prevents photobleaching from continued excitation.

Magnetic Separation

Dual purpose reagent, the MagDot, can magnetically separate targeted cells of interest and immediately analyze them fluorescently. No need to relabel cells with a separate fluorescent reagent.

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